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Retainer wear is as important as the orthodontic treatment itself. If retainers are not worn teeth will move.


It is important to wear as instructed. Typically this would comprise

1. Full time wear for 6 months. They would be removed for cleaning and eating only. They can be worn for sports unless you have a custom mouth guard which should be used instead. If you do not wear your retainers as instructed, your teeth will become crooked again.

2. Night time wear indefinitely. If you want to maintain the position of your teeth, this is necessary. The initial plastic taste will go after a few days.
Any speech changes such as lisping will also go after a number of days.

Care and maintenance

Clean retainer with cold water and a soft tooth brush. It is best not to use tooth paste as the retainers will become scratched. If there is a bad odour they can be soaked in Listerine mouth wash (30 minutes) or “Retainer Brite” cleaner. Denture cleaners or bleach should not be used.

When not being worn please keep safe in the retainer container that is supplied


Keep away from pets and small children.
Keep away from heat-such as hot water, direct sunlight, radiators – they will distort.
Inform us immediately if the retainers are lost or damaged.
Bring retainers to all review appointments.


Leave on table when eating – they get thrown out.
DO NOT place your retainers in HOT WATER as they will distort and will no longer fit.

When wearing your retainers, do not flick them up and down with your tongue as they will break